Experienced Leadership for Progress in Kentucky

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About Cassie

Living Kentucky's Challenges,

Understanding Its Opportunity

Cassie was born into poverty in eastern Kentucky. Her parents, who were both college students at the time, brought her home from the hospital to a rented trailer, where they couldn't run the air conditioning because of the cost of electricity. 

Despite her humble beginnings, Cassie had a strong community, supportive family, and access to the resources she needed to succeed. Cassie went onto to graduate from Yale College, the London School of Economics, and Harvard Law School.


Cassie used the opportunities she had been given to create opportunities for others. She started her legal career as a Skadden Fellow, working at a non-profit providing free legal representation to low-income domestic violence survivors. Her legal work focuses on ensuring low-income people have access to court systems. Cassie ran for office because she believes that good government and smart policy can change lives.


Effective Leadership,

Effectuating Change


Cassie was elected to Louisville's Metro Council in 2020. Since taking office she has been a champion for issues that impact women, kids, and people living in poverty. 

She founded the first-ever bipartisan Women's Caucus on Metro Council, and passed a law to provide paid parental leave to every Metro employee. She passed a right to counsel ordinance that ensured families have legal representation in the eviction process. She passed laws to protect the environment.


As a mom of a toddler and preschooler, Cassie is especially committed to early childhood education. She reformed the land development code to expand daycare access, and championed the first-ever city investments in early childhood education.

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We need Cassie’s voice in the State Senate

Because building the Kentucky we deserve starts with sending strong leaders to Frankfort.

Cassie understands the importance of building coalitions, engaging with dissenting voices, and creating a fair, transparent process. She has shown that she can get things done.


We can make meaningful change and create a brighter future for our state. But we cannot do that if we don’t have good people working hard to create that change.
The seat Cassie is running for is one of the few Democratic-leaning seats left in the State Senate. We must make sure to fill it with a voice that will speak loudly and stand firmly for progress.