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Help and hard work took Cassie Chambers Armstrong from poverty to public service. As our State Senator, she’ll keep fighting for families like yours.


Cassie Chambers Armstrong was born into poverty in eastern Kentucky. Her parents took her home from the hospital to a rented trailer. With the help of a strong community, a supportive family, and access to public education, Cassie was able to graduate from Yale University, the London School of Economics, and Harvard Law School.

Instead of cashing in on her education at a big law firm, Cassie came back to Kentucky and started her career providing free legal aid to low-income people experiencing domestic violence.

As a member of Louisville Metro Council, Cassie has passed over 80 laws benefiting our community. These include paid parental leave for Metro employees, legal representation for renters facing eviction, and a safety zone outside of Kentucky’s abortion clinics to protect women seeking reproductive healthcare from threats and harassment. She will bring her personal and professional experiences to Frankfort to fight for families across Kentucky.

Cassie lives in the Highlands with her husband and two young sons.



Cassie understands the importance of building coalitions and engaging with dissenting voices while creating a fair and transparent process. As a member of the Louisville Metro Council, Cassie sponsored 89 ordinances and passed 86. In Frankfort, she reaches across the aisle to deliver policies that improve people's lives.

Her accomplishments include:

Providing 12 weeks paid parental leave to Metro government employees.

Guaranteeing families with children the right to legal representation when facing eviction.

Passing an ordinance to create a “safety zone” which allows patients entering and exiting reproductive healthcare facilities to do so safely.

Expanding possible childcare facility locations to address the childcare crisis.

Investing 7.5 million dollars in early childhood education and childcare access—first-ever investments for the city.

Strengthening environmental protections for the area’s most biodiverse creek.

Providing paid leave for Metro government employees who are victims of domestic violence.

Creating and co-chairing the first-ever Metro Council Women’s Caucus.

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